Ouch! Dune: Part Two's Florence Pugh was pelted in the face at CCXP by an object.

It's become too common for stars and performers to get hit with objects on stage or in public. Unfortunately, it happened to Pugh, who stars as Princess Irulan, at the Comic-Con event in São Paulo, Brazil, according to Deadline.

She was on a panel with her co-stars Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, and Zendaya. All of them were there to discuss the film.

A flying object hit the actress in the face during a photo op. It was all captured on video, where clips from the incident have circulated around social media.

It didn't look like a soft throw, either. The object clearly hit her pretty hard.

The incident happened soon after she talked about Dune and her castmates, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“I had an amazing time coming in and just hanging around with these people, let alone actually getting to work with them,” the actress said beforehand. “Coming in here — the power in this room — is because of that first movie, and we felt that when we went on set every single day.”

Throwing things at performers and celebrities is a current trend, it seems. Recently, Adele went off on stage to the audience about the incidents that keep happening. “Have you noticed how people are like forgetting f***ing show etiquette in America, they're just throwing s**t on stage,” she said to her audience in Las Vegas.

Also, Drake was hit with an object in Chicago. Plus, Cardi B threw a microphone at a fan after she was hit with water.

Luckily, Florence Pugh appears to be all right. It didn't seem like any medical attention or anything was needed. If anything, it just really surprised her.