This past Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles were routed by the San Francisco 49ers to the tune of a 42-19 final score. It was an embarrassing effort from the Eagles, who were 10-1 heading into the contest and hosting San Francisco in a rematch of last year's NFC Championship Game. The players on the Philadelphia Eagles didn't show much fight throughout the afternoon, but one man on the Eagles sideline certainly did.

Philadelphia Eagles Head of Security Dom DiSandro — aka, “Big Dom” — nearly got into a brawl with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw on Sunday afternoon. It was the most fired up anyone on the Eagles sideline looked all day, which I guess should be expected when we're dealing with a man who works in security and whose nickname is “Big Dom.” But of course, the NFL doesn't want their players throwing hands with members of their opponent's security staff, especially in one of the highest profile games of the season. The last thing the league would want is for an all-out donnybrook to break out on the field. So it was expected that both Greenlaw and DiSandro would be reprimanded for their dust-up on the sideline.

“Eagles’ Head of Security Dom DiSandro is being barred from being on Philadelphia’s sideline for Sunday night’s game vs. the Cowboys for his part in last Sunday’s sideline fracas with 49ers’ LB Dre Greenlaw,” ESPN's Adam Schefter shared in a tweet on Saturday morning. Schefter continued, saying, “DiSandro is allowed to go to Dallas with the Eagles, and do all his regular duties – just not be on the team’s sideline during the game. DiSandro and other Eagles’ officials met Friday morning at the league office in New York with commissioner Roger Goodell. The league still is reviewing additional material to see if further discipline is warranted.”

In the above tweet, Adam Schefter did not mention that 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw has been fined for his involvement in the scuffle.

The DiSandro-Greenlaw confrontation only added fuel to the fire of one of the league's most compelling new rivalries, but there's a third team in the mix in the NFC that wants to prove they belong in the top tier of NFC contenders with Philadelphia and San Francisco. The Dallas Cowboys host the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, and with a win, it would even Dallas and Philadelphia in the NFC East standings. The Eagles also released a statement on the DiSandro matter, saying he'll fulfill his role in all other capacities.

Maybe the Eagles can rally behind Dom DiSandro the same way Michigan rallied around Jim Harbaugh during his absence from the Wolverines sideline. All I know is, I'll buy a shirt that says “Free Big Dom” if they're available.