Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce went viral on Sunday for his shirtless celebrations during his brother Travis Kelce's game with the Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs won that game, and Jason Kelce went into the bowling ball shot he did before the game during the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

“I did get to see Pinto Ron's Tailgate with the bowling ball, did the shot out of the bowling ball which, no idea what the liquor was, I didn't ask any questions, somebody hands you a bowling ball with a shot, the last thing I'm going to ask is that Crown Royal,” Jason Kelce said on the New Heights Podcast. “I'm not asking any questions, I did clarify how to drink this. Do I just put this up to my mouth? It's a show, its right there in the hole.”

Despite being there to support the Chiefs and his brother Travis Kelce with his Eagles eliminated, the Bills Mafia accepted Jason Kelce at their tailgate. Of course, the game did not end with the outcome that the Bills fans were hoping for. Jason Kelce went viral throughout the game, especially after his brother's touchdown.

Now, the Chiefs will move on to play the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. It will be worth monitoring Jason Kelce's presence Sunday, and if there are going to be any viral moments once again. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top on Sunday.