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Eagles star AJ Brown drops strong Devonta Smith opinion that should scare the rest of the NFL

AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a promising duo out wide for quarterback Jaylen Hurts. AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith are electric and should be able to do lots of damage this season.

And in Brown’s eyes, the Eagles have two No. 1 wide receivers: Himself and Smith.

Via NFL.com:

“In my opinion, Smitty (DeVonta Smith ) is a wide receiver No. 1,” Brown said Friday. “And he going against a cornerback No. 2, I expect Smitty to dominate. Just taking pressure off each other. Even being on the same sides, so you can’t really double. It’s great having another great wideout besides you.”

Brown was already a No. 1 option in Tennessee but he believes Smith is capable of being one as well with the Eagles. The former Heisman winner was solid in his rookie season in 2021, collecting 64 receptions for 916 yards and five touchdowns. Smith went for 14.6 yards per catch as well. He’s truly just scratching the surface and having another proven wideout alongside him in Brown is only going to help DeVonta become that much better.

The former Titans stud was traded to the Eagles on Draft Day, giving Hurts another proven weapon to help steer this Philly offense in the right direction. Although Brown is coming off a down year, he’s expected to flourish with this new group and DeVonta Smith is one player in particular who will benefit from his arrival.

Needless to say, opposing defenses will have their work cut out for them when they face the Eagles.