Darius Slay gave his first interception ball from Monday's game to James Harden. But what does he plan to do with the second? Apparently, the Philadelphia Eagles cornerback already has someone in mind he wants to give it to.

His son.

Slay, however, has a rather cold-blooded reason for doing so. According to him, his kid is a big fan of Jefferson. In fact, the Slay youngster considers the Minnesota Vikings star his favorite receiver!

Now we're not sure if that is true or Darius Slay is just trying to entertain everyone. Regardless, it's still pretty savage considering how the 31-year-old cornerback destroyed Justin Jefferson and his QB in Kirk Cousins.

It's like Slay is throwing a shade at Jefferson here while tooting his own horn.

But hey, the Eagles vet has every right to talk. He did overwhelm the Vikings and he's a big reason why they won Monday's contest despite going scoreless in the second half.

For what it's worth, he is not disrespecting Jefferson or playing down his abilities. He did recognize him as one of the best wideouts today, though he reminded him that he's just as good n his position.

“He’s one of the best in the world. But I’m one of the best in the world too,” Slay said of Jefferson after his two-interception game that led to a 24-7 win for the Eagles.

Hopefully Slay uploads a photo of him and his son when he gives the youngster the interception ball. Maybe he can get Jefferson to sign it, too?