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Jalen Hurts speaks out on walking boot after Eagles loss to Buccaneers

Eagles, Jalen Hurts, Buccaneers

It was a rough day for the Philadelphia Eagles as they had no answers for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team was exposed, as Tampa Bay shut them down throughout the entire game. Afterward, Jalen Hurts was seen in a walking boot and has finally cleared the air.

According to Jeff McLane, Jalen Hurts reveals he’s been dealing with a lower leg injury for “some time.” It’s unclear exactly when the Eagles quarterback suffered an injury, as he’s been running all over the place all year. Regardless, Hurts will be focusing on healing from this injury.

Wearing a walking boot is never a good thing, but it’s not the end of the world. The boot could just be a precaution, however, based on Hurts’ reaction, it seems it could be a tad bit more serious. The Eagles will monitor their quarterback’s leg throughout the offseason, as surgery is up in the air for now.

Luckily for Jalen Hurts, he’ll have the entire offseason to make sure his leg heals correctly. It should be an interesting offseason for the Eagles, as they have the cap space and draft capital to make some noise. Additionally, this is a crucial moment for Hurts’ development, as he must become a more efficient passer for the Eagles to truly improve.

Look for the Eagles to provide updates on Jalen Hurts’ leg throughout the offseason. For now, he’s likely to take a little vacation while resting his leg. There is no reason to believe this is a serious injury, but it is something to monitor.