Eagles news: Philadelphia drafted Jalen Hurts due to fear of coronavirus
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Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts due to fear of coronavirus

Jalen Hurts. Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles turned some heads in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft when they chose Jalen Hurts with the No. 53 pick. While everyone wonders why the Eagles took Hurts, ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes Philadelphia drafted him in fear of the coronavirus.

Schefter spoke during ESPN’s coverage of the draft to highlight why the Eagles took Hurts. The well-respected reporter exclaimed that teams around the NFL have shown concern pertaining to their quarterbacks possibly getting the coronavirus.

For the Eagles, they have Carson Wentz as their starter and they have nothing but confidence in him moving forward. However, Philadelphia is justifying the selection of Hurts by saying they want to make sure they have a contingency plan behind Wentz in case he gets the coronavirus.

Without a doubt, if a starting quarterback in the NFL was found out to have the coronavirus, the NFL would likely postpone the season. Therefore, part of the Eagles’ reasoning for taking Hurts doesn’t make much sense.

In all likeliness, the Eagles took Hurts with the idea that they can give Wentz a formidable backup if he suffers another injury. At the same time, Hurts can be a developmental project in Philadelphia.

Still, the decision to select Hurts in the second round definitely left fans scratching their head on Friday. Just a year after giving Wentz a four-year extension, taking Hurts early in the draft seems like a wasted pick.

While some call it a wasted pick, the Eagles wanted Hurts in case Wentz contracts the coronavirus. These are definitely some interesting times that we are currently living in.