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Eagles rookie TE Dallas Goedert ready to make ‘enormous impact’ in Philadelphia

Dallas Goedert, Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles feel like they have found themselves a steal in South Dakota State Rookie tight end Dallas Goedert who they took in the second round of April’s draft. According to Reuben Frank of NBC Sports, Goedert is already becoming a favorite red zone target and should make a significant impact starting in Week 1.

Goedert is an excellent receiving tight end but also has shown his skills as a good blocker, which will make it a lot more unpredictable for defenses trying to guess which play is coming.

“It’s going to be different than in years past,” Ertz said. “In years past, when it was me and Brent (Celek) on the field it was more run-dominant. When it was me and Trey (Burton), it was more pass-dominant and teams went nickel. … When it was Trey and I, I was always the guy with my hand in the ground [to block].

“[Now], teams are going to really have to choose whether they want to go base or go nickel to the two of us. … Now you can kind of vary it up.”

Coach Pederson knows Goedert still has a lot of adjusting to do as he tries to get used to the NFL game, but he has high expectations for what the former Jackrabbit will bring to the team.

“He’s still learning just the different intricacies, the details of route running, understanding coverage and leverage. But I think that as we scale back, when we get into a game plan and we’re game-plan specific, when he can really detail, I think it’s going to be an exciting matchup with he and Ertz out on the field.”