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Tom Brady ridiculously has higher catch rating on Madden 19 than Nick Foles

nick foles, eagles

In what’s quickly becoming an annual tradition, people have been getting up in arms over Madden ratings. From fans to actual players, no one seems to be completely satisfied with the game’s assessment of players’ skills.

However, EA was way off the mark with their egregious oversight of giving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a higher catch rating than Philadelphia Eagles QB and reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

The fan who had so much free time that he actually decided to look the two QBs’ catch ratings up was up in arms upon discovering that Brady had a 39 rating while Foles was only a 32.

It’s as if no one from Madden happened to watch Super Bowl LII. For anyone who needs reminding, the Patriots ran a trick play in the Super Bowl which saw Brady become a receiver. But despite Brady being wide open, he completely botched the catch, which squandered what could’ve been a huge play for the Pats.

On the flipside, Foles perfectly executed the Eagles’ own trick play-the “Philly Special”-and caught a huge touchdown pass which factored greatly in their upset win.

While Brady may actually be the greatest of all-time as many consider him to be, Foles pretty clearly showed that he is better than him in that one skill.

It’s understandable for Madden to make mistakes. After all, people aren’t perfect. But like Brady, they dropped the ball with this big error, and if they have any good sense, they must fix it is soon as possible.

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