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Zach Ertz concerned with potential high school football cancelations

Eagles, Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz is entering his eighth season with the Philadelphia Eagles and it’s shaping up to be the most uncertain one of his career. Despite the concerns for his own well-being, Ertz is concerned with the potential of high school football cancellations due to COVID-19.

“I want kids to be healthy, first and foremost,” Eagles talent Zach Ertz said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s the primary goal. But I remember being 15 years old with my parents separated. I was the oldest of four boys. I was so frustrated. The only thing that I knew how to do, the only way I could express myself, was playing football. All I did was lift weights, play football, play basketball. And that allowed me to release my internal stress and pressure that had built up inside of me because of what was going on.”

For some kids, playing sports is a way for them to relieve stress and forget about the hardships in their life. At the same time, it’s a way for them to build friendships and learn life-long lessons. It’s why the Eagles star brought this up to begin with.

Therefore, if high school football is canceled in certain areas, it would remove the opportunity for kids to have an escape, as Ertz did in his high school days. With that being a possibility amid, the Eagles veteran believes it could be detrimental for some kids to not have sports available to them.

Despite the concerns of COVID-19, the Eagles talent and other NFL players are taking the risk of playing in the 2020 season. Although, some of his counterparts have opted out of the upcoming season. And while he understands that health is the priority, he hopes high school football and other sports can be conducted in a safe matter this year.