Nick Sirianni is known for his post-game shirt game. He's worn merch of current Philadelphia Eagles players, the jerseys of Philly legends, and even notoriously wore a “Beat Dallas” shirt in the leadup to a game where Philly did not beat Dallas.

And yet, after his team beat up on the Jacksonville Jaguars in an ugly, rainy affair that saw Trevor Lawrence fumble the ball four times, Sirianni decided to forgo his usually flashy outfits for a Roxborough High School, the sight of a school shooting on September 27th. When asked about his shirt, Sirianni delivered a heartfelt message about why kids should be able to feel safe at school, as shared by Eliot Shorr-Parks of 94 WIP.

“One of my best memories growing up was being able to do the things I was able to do around the football field as a little kid, whether that’s pretending I’m Marcus Allen and I’m jumping over the pile and setting the dummies up and jumping over the pile, taking the handoff, or if it was giving a player a water bottle, I looked up to certain guys there, you know?” Sirianni detailed. “I looked up to Mike Sirianni and Jay Sirianni, who were the starting quarterback and starting wide receiver, to Pete Conley, who was the starting fullback, halfback, you know, I looked up to Briggs, who was my brother’s best friend and receiver, being able to hand them a water bottle. So I have good memories about that. so I just feel bad for the kids that didn’t feel safe, maybe don’t feel safe going there, so my heart goes out to them, my thoughts and prayers go out to them, and hopefully, they feel safe going back and playing a game that can take us out of bad situations, not put us into bad situations.”

For everyone's sake, let's hope Sirianni's words come to fruition.