With new quarterback Kirk Cousins set to lead the Atlanta Falcons in 2024, tight end Kyle Pitts might find himself changing his jersey number.

Cousins is joining the Falcons after securing a $180 million deal at the start of NFL free agency. Despite wearing jersey number 8 since 2014, the 35-year-old quarterback may need to negotiate a jersey number change with his new top tight end, Pitts, who currently holds that number.

Pitts reached out to Cousins regarding the No. 8 jersey. Cousins expressed his willingness to be a good teammate, stating that if Pitts truly wants to keep the number, he should do so, according to James Palmer of NFL Network.

Cousins added that he wouldn't simply take the number; if he ends up with it, he would donate to a charity or any cause Pitts desires. Pitts jokingly remarked that all he might want in return are more targets.

Possible options for both Falcons

No. 12 remains an option for Kirk Cousins as well. While previously worn by wide receiver KhaDarel Hodge in Atlanta, he is currently unsigned as a 2024 free agent, leaving the number potentially available for the new quarterback.

Cousins' association with no. 12 traces back to his tenure in Washington, where he was initially given the number as a fourth-round draft pick in 2012. He retained no. 12 for two seasons before transitioning to no. 8, a number he had previously worn during his time at Michigan State and in high school.

Kyle Pitts, on the other hand, is currently listed as the holder of no. 8, but Cousins cannot formally join the Falcons' roster until Wednesday. Pitts' social media posts indicate that there is a possibility he may change numbers for the 2024 season.

The tight end followed it up with more fuel to the fire of speculation, sharing a photo of himself at the University of Florida, where he wore No. 84.

In cases like this where a high-profile jersey swap is being considered, the player eyeing the number typically offers compensation, either through a direct payment or a charitable donation. With Cousins' deal with the Falcons including a $100 million guaranteed money, he is well-positioned to offer compensation for the number if he truly desires no. 8. Therefore, it's likely he will obtain the number if he wants it.