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Fantasy Football: Stay away from Todd Gurley in Week 11 vs. the Bears

If you drafted Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley in fantasy football this year, you’re disappointed. After turning in a spectacular fantasy season in 2018, Gurley hasn’t come close to duplicating his production in 2019.

I get it; you probably don’t have an option but to start Gurley this week. With four teams on bye, there aren’t many alternatives to the Los Angeles star tailback. However, don’t expect much from Gurley, as he faces the Chicago Bears and a defense that tends to be a tough out.

The Rams’ high-flying offense that took the league by storm in 2018 is nowhere to be seen. Gurley has participated in the offense’s disappearing act, as he’s been simply underwhelming to this point. A year after being in the top=five in total touches, he isn’t close to that mark. Gurley currently has the 22nd most touches in the NFL.

Opportunity is everything in fantasy football, and it’s something that Gurley doesn’t have a lot of. A killer combination is a lack of touches and a bad matchup. Gurley has both in Week 11, as the Bears are the ninth-best run defense in the league.

The Bears are allowing just 80 rushing yards per game. Even more concerning, for Gurley, is their effectiveness against running backs from a fantasy perspective. Chicago has allowed only three running backs to surpass 50 rushing yards, and all of them have had one thing in common: volume. Gurley doesn’t get the touches necessary for success, and that won’t change in a game against a great run defense.

Gurley won’t earn his points on the ground in Week 11. If he can’t move on the ground, it’ll have to be through the air. While that doesn’t seem so outlandish, it is for Gurley at this point. The formerly dynamic runner hasn’t broken 60 yards receiving in any contest and only has one touchdown as a receiver.

It sounds like matters can’t get any worse for Gurley, but they can. The Bears have allowed one receiving touchdown to running backs in 2019. Although last year’s Gurley would have a shot, 2019’s version doesn’t.

The Rams’ offense has not been up to par, with no showing being worse than Week 10’s against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Quarterback Jared Goff couldn’t lead his team into the end zone. The quarterback turned the ball over three times, torpedoing his offense.

If you do have to start Gurley this week, hope for a trip to the end zone. Without one, he won’t make it past any of his projections.