Fantasy Football: Why Will Fuller could be a major sleeper in 2019
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Will Fuller

Fantasy Football: Why Will Fuller could be a major sleeper in 2019

People who play fantasy football are beginning to look into players they could steal in the draft—who are better known as “sleepers”. One player who can be considered a sleeper in fantasy drafts this year is Will Fuller of the Houston Texans.

The Texans wide receiver was on his way to another impressive season in 2018 before he tore his ACL. Fuller had 32 receptions for 503 yards and four touchdowns before his season ended prematurely.

Currently, the speedy wideout—on average—is being taken with the 97th overall pick in fantasy drafts (according to ESPN). With this in mind, he is also the 34th wide receiver coming off of the board on average.

With Demaryius Thomas landing with the New England Patriots, Fuller will likely have a large role within the Houston offense. Deshaun Watson has DeAndre Hopkins to throw to but both Fuller and Keke Coutee will be required to step up more this year.

Deshaun Watson, Texans

There is injury concern with Fuller but if he can remain healthy, the Texans receiver could be one of the major sleepers this year in fantasy. After playing 13 games in his rookie season, Fuller was on his way to having an impressive 2017 campaign.

In 10 games, Fuller maximized his opportunities, turning his 28 receptions into 423 yards and seven scores. Although, injuries to his ribs, knee, and shoulder prevented him from fully reaching his potential in the end.

Even though injuries are a possibility with Fuller, his average draft position makes him worth the risk in any league. Again, he’s being taken as the 34th overall receiver in most fantasy drafts—making him worth your while.

At the least, Fuller can be a player who is added to your bench to begin the season. After all, the Texans are unsure if the dynamic wideout will suit up in Week 1 just yet.

Coming into the NFL, teams knew that Fuller possessed a special ability to stretch the field with his speed. Those skills have translated well to the NFL, as Fuller constantly makes big plays on offense.

As a matter of fact, just last year, Fuller had a 73-yard reception which is a career-high for him. There are more of those types of plays to come for the young receiver in 2019 if he maintains his health.

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

The Texans are in dire need of making the playoffs in 2019—after injuries have plagued them for the past few seasons. Therefore, they’re going to need all of the firepower they can get for Bill O’Brien’s offense.

Besides, Houston has one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL throwing to Fuller. Coupled with having Hopkins on the other side, Fuller is in a perfect spot to have a breakout season for the Texans.

Fuller’s big-play ability will always make him playable in fantasy but this season he could be a steal. The Texans wide receiver is falling in drafts with people being skeptical of his health.

As a result, fantasy football players should jump on the opportunity to select Fuller if they have the chance to.