New television deals and better opportunities for revenue make it lucrative for most teams to swap conferences. Negative consequences also arise due to these transfers. More notably, the PAC-12 had lost most of its members to the Big 12 and the Big Ten conferences. This disallows a lot of their players the opportunity to play closer to their desired environments as they will have to travel the country more than expected. This is exactly what Florida football's former coach Steve Spurrier raised about the issue.

Steve Spurrier has been out of the world of football for a decent amount of time. His most notable stint was with Florida Football from 1989 to 2001. He has impacted college football by a lot which is why he still has his roots in the amateur game. The Head Ball Coach has remained updated about the ins and outs of the college game. This also included issues and controversies. He noted how the Pac-12, Big 12, and Big Ten debacle severely impacts student-athletes, via the Open Mike show with Mike Bianchi.

“Yeah, I’m sad for the student-athletes. It seems as if money’s the only thing that these conference commissioners and athletic directors want to look at,” he said about conference realignment. Spurrier also added a real-life example,” She said one reason I chose this school is that my parents can come to watch me play. Some of them will be playing games halfway across the country.  They’re not gonna get to watch.”

The former Florida football coach also did not leave the show without taking a jab at the higher-ups, “But, yeah, they don’t consult with the athletes about what decision to make. And it just seems like money is the only thing you’re basing all these decisions on.”

Is coach right?