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Gamactica launches progressive Gamactica Women

Gamactica, Gamactica Women, Gamactica Women Re-Launch

Gamactica announced the re-launch of Gamactica Women “with more purpose, more defined missions, and a deeper emphasis on community visibility.”

Gamactica Women was one of the first sections that launched when the platform went live in October 2018. While the section allowed more exposure to women streamers, Gamactica CEO Anthony DiMoro felt that the section itself received minimal support and had often stagnated.

What’s new in the re-launch is its wider focus on women in gaming. “The new vision I have for Gamactica Women is creating a directory,” says DiMoro. “Similar to our Content Creator Directory, but also offers a true resource hub.”

The new directory now includes women who work in different industries. The directory now categorizes users based on the segment of the gaming industry they work in: Content Creation, Video Game Development, Journalism, Esports, Stream Teams and Organizations, and Women who work with brands.

Gamactica hopes that its new structure will help bridge women with the resources, brands, and groups they need to excel in the community. To help improve its services, Gamactica also plans to build a team that shares its vision, making sure that the group is active and utilizing best practices.

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