Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update comes in a few weeks, adding new challenges, areas, enemies, areas, and more!

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread Update

The Spider’s Thread update goes live on April 12 for free for all players on PlayStation 5 and PC. The update also comes with Ghostwire Tokyo now being available on Xbox Series X | S with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Ghostwire Tokyo will get more areas to explore, new story cutscenes, quality of life improvements, an all-new game mode, and a whole lot more.

New Game Mode: The Spider’s Thread

As the highlight for this update, the new game mode is called ‘The Spider’s Thread.” This can be initiated from the main menu and is separate from the main game. In this game mode, players will naveigate a 30-staged gauntlet assembled from over 130 handcrafted levels. The goal is simple: get to the end. Making your way through each of these levels and clearing certain challenges will help you grow stronger by earning importand upgrades and powerups.

However, being defeated during a run means that you’ll have to start from the beginning, albeit with a portion of your earned upgrades retained. Descend the Spider’s Thread, unlock upgrades, and conquer the game mode for the ultimate Ghostwire Tokyo challenge.

Main Story Additions

Tokyo just grew bigger as the Spider’s Thread update also adds new haunted locations to visit. The spotlight now falls on the eerie Middle School area and its spooky hallways and ominous classrooms.

If you don’t like the spook, rejoice as there is also a new “Reduced Horror Effects” option available which will replace some scares with cute stickers instead.

The update also features extended story cutscenes, so players get to see more character interaction and story insight all across Tokyo.

New Enemies and Skills!

Akito’s wide arsenal of skills will get bolstered with new combat skills such as the Counter-Attack to follow up a successful block, Quick Dodging to evade enemy attacks and the Charge Rush, and evolution of your Ethereal Weaving technique that allows you to augment you Palm Strike into an elementally charged melee strike!

In addition to this, more talismans are also going to be introduced, namely Tengu Wind and Spiritual Fountain, which will allow Akito to drop a whirlwind to aid exploration or a fountain to replensish his Ether reserves.

Use all of these to defeat the new threats that have emerged in the streets of Tokyo. New Visitors prowl the alleys, such as the fast-moving Retribution, invisible Silent Gaze, or the flying Sanguine Dancer.

Photo Mode updates and more!

The Photo Mode once again gets expanded with stamps to put on your image and more. The in-game Meika can be used to unlock figures at capsule machines scattered throughout Tokyo to unlock models that you can use in Photo Mode for extra effects.

More features of the Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread update was teased on the official reveal article. Check out our spot on Ghostwire Tokyo being made available to Xbox Series X | S after a year of being available only on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5. On top of this, Ghostwire Tokyo will also be available on Windows 10/11 PC on PC Game Pass and the Windows Store through Xbox Play Anywhere. Ghostwire Tokyo will come with the free Spider’s Thread update as it becomes available on these platforms.