The New York Giants are looking to become a contender for a long time, focusing their main rebuilding efforts through the draft. One key player they have to develop is center John Michael Schmitz, whom the team hopes will be a keystone on the offensive line that protects Daniel Jones, along with superstar tackle Andrew Thomas.

So far, Jones really likes what he has seen so far from Schmitz, according to Jordan Raanan of ESPN. The Giants quarterback pointed to his smarts and hard work during offseason activities.

“He's been great too. He's been great,” the Giants QB said, via ESPN. “He's a smart guy. Been in here working hard. He's on it every day, working to learn and understand what we're doing in protections, what we're doing in the run game. Obviously, this is more of a passing camp. So, a lot of that run stuff's happening in meetings and then walkthroughs out here. But he's doing a great job, and it's been fun working with him.”

One way Jones and Schmitz are generating chemistry during the Giants' offseason is by working with the “dead snap” technique that Schmitz used in his time at Minnesota. Rather than put his hand on the side of the ball and snapping to the quarterback with a spiral, Schmitz put his hand in front of the tip of the ball and puts the other end in the field. The benefit is that the snap motion is easier to replicate for centers and the ball doesn't zip right at the quarterback.

Jones is open to the idea of the dead snap but Schmitz is also fine with doing what his quarterback prefers. It's a good sign that both guys are willing to change for each other, as both players are eager to win.

The Giants have high hopes to live up to as they try to get back into the playoffs and improve as a team in the second season under Brian Daboll. Whether he is a starter on day one or needs a little more time, Schmitz is a key figure for New York fans to pay attention to.