Coachella proved a bit frustrating for Grimes.

The musician encountered a few musical mishaps due to technical issues while performing at the massive festival. After all that happened, she hopped on her X account to explain a few things, issue an apology, and ask her fans for forgiveness.

Grimes issues a Coachella apology on X

“I want to apologize for the technical issues with the show tonight,” she wrote. “I wanted to come back rly strong and usually I always handle every aspect of my show myself — to save time this was one of the first times I've outsourced essential things like rekordbox brm's and letting someone else organize the tracks on the sd card etc.”

“i had a bad feeling beforehand not having run everything thru the cdjs myself and tho I flagged it I wasn't insistent,” the singer continued. “the big lesson for me was a mix of 1 if u want it done right, do it yrself 2 be a c—t even if ppl feel bad 3 probably pretend it's find and engage w the crowd rather than spend a whole show slumped over the desk trying to fix software when ur meant to be entertaining.”

She continued, “I will personally organize all the files next week. I will not let such at thing happen again. But, yeh — next week will be flawless, everything will run thru my hands.”

In conclusion, Grimes wrote, “Some good lessons learned. Bless y'all. The cdjs were showing me bpms like 370 so I couldn't even mix manually by ear and the front monitors were off so it was literally sonic chaos on my end trying to guess how stuff was sounding for u guys.”

“Pls forgive me! Love, always (hear emoji),” she ended her message with.

Though it didn't go as well as she wanted, fans seemed to have her back. They commented quite a bit about it, and the singer replied in many posts.

“Honestly your set was still incredible even with the issues, and the new music sounds insane. i can't imagine how stressful that must hae been for you, but the screams of frustration in the midst of songs were kinda a vibe. can't wait to hear next weeks set <3,” wrote one fan.


Another user wrote, “I'm sure you will crush the next performance.”

Grimes responded, “I have no choice at this point, haha.”

“The set was amazing despite the technical difficulties, I've seen so many of your shows and know what you're capable of,” another commenter said.

Grimes replied back, “Bless u, I wish I had a repeat of Mex city last month (which I tested the sd cards back stage until show time / I will continue to do that for every show for the rest of my life now).”

Though frustrating, Grimes seems to have learned a few things about the incident. Here's to her next Coachella set going smoother than ever.