Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant remains out indefinitely, but he is working his way back to the court as he tries to straighten his personal life. According to the latest updates, the youngster has also entered a counseling program in Florida amid his NBA hiatus.

After news of his counseling surfaced, fans were quick to show their support to the Grizzlies guard. Plenty of fans and media personalities heaped praise on Morant for taking accountability and doing the necessary steps to help himself heal.

I don't claim to have any insight of what’s going on with Morant, but great credit to him for dealing with his issues through counseling,” Bob Kravitz of The Athletic said.

“W for him for actually seeking out help. L for the Grizzlies who might have to finish the post-season without him and potentially matchup with the Clippers, Warriors or Mavericks in round 1,” another commenter wrote.

A third supporter noted, “W for Ja actually seeking help. I hope he gets better.”

Of course not everyone believes the news, with some noting that it was simply a PR stunt to calm down the public after the outrage following Morant's gun incident. Some are also skeptic about Morant changing his ways, with many accusing the Grizzlies of just doing damage control.

“Bro…. It’s a PR stunt so he doesn’t get suspended for the Season for bringing the Gun on the road trip per NBA collective bi laws,” one critic commented.

Another Twitter user said, “Bro all you have to do is not be a thug how hard is that. I feel bad for the Grizzlies.”

It remains to be seen when Morant will actually be able to return, but sure enough, a lot of eyes are on him as he stays away from the spotlight.

Here's to hoping that Ja Morant has learned his lesson from the events of the past couple of weeks. As a public figure with plenty of people looking up to him, it's always hard to navigate his personal and professional life.