Ja Morant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, and he is currently in the middle of a suspension from all basketball activities for the Memphis Grizzlies after flashing a gun on social media for the second time in a span of months. Many folks took the opportunity to bash Morant for his actions, but one guy who didn't was JJ Redick.

Redick was one of the few folks who stood up for Morant, passionately defending him against all the criticism he was facing. However, it doesn't appear to have bought him any goodwill with Morant, as social media sleuths quickly found out that Morant had opted to unfollow Redick on social media, despite seemingly having him in his corner.

This is the latest in a series of confusing actions from Morant that have raised quite a bit of concern from fans. If Redick was supporting you, why on earth would you go out of your way to commit such a petty act. It's obviously not a total giveaway that indicates that Morant is unhappy with something Redick said, but why else would he unfollow someone supporting him?

It's telling that every single small thing Morant does is getting picked up on by fans everywhere, but that's where we find ourselves at this stage of his continued struggle. Chances are this doesn't mean nearly as much as people are suggesting it does, and as always, Morant's status will be worth keeping an eye on as the offseason progresses.