Well, this hasn't been a good two days for the Memphis Grizzlies. There was already a huge cloud above the fanbase's head after Ja Morant's most recent gun scandal and subsequent suspension. Now, over the last few days, there's been some… ominous updates about Morant's suspension. From Adam Silver's cryptic speech to all the speculation, now's not a good time to be a Memphis fan.

Adrian Wojnarowski recently revealed his own conservative prediction on the length of Morant's suspension.

First things first, let's get this out of the way: Ja Morant will get a suspension from the league. That much is certain. The Grizzlies will play a good chunk of their 2023-24 season without Morant. The big question is… how long will that suspension last? After Silver's update last night, fans were inclined to believe that Morant might be suspended for half a season, if not more.

However, Woj offers a different perspective on the Morant situation. He believes that the suspension would last 17 games. Why? Because it's the most amount of games a player can miss before becoming ineligible for All-NBA honors. The thought is that Morant would try and likely fight to have a chance for those All-NBA awards even if he's suspended.

Regardless, Morant will likely be dealt a heavy hand by the NBA. His most recent slip-up was the second one of the same nature, as he previously flashed a gun during an Instagram Live session during the 2022-23 season that earned him an eight-game suspension. With this being a repeat offense (with some more disturbing info revealed), the suspension this time might be much, much worse.