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Tyler Herro snarl tattoo by Heat fan gets epic trolling from Twitter

Heat, Tyler Herro

A random fan recently got a tattoo commemorating Tyler Herro’s memorable snarl in Game 3 of the recently-concluded NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. It wasn’t the most impressive piece of skin art, though, and the mean streets of Twitter did not hold back with their relentless trolling.

For starters, here’s an image of the Herro tattoo, courtesy of NBA central:

To be honest, the tat sort of looks like the Herro. However, this did not stop Twitter from their all-out bash-fest. Here are some of the most epically hilarious tweets:

Not fully knowing how the tat is going to end up looking like once its done is one of the biggest risks of getting one. This is especially the case for pieces that require a lot of detail  — like the face of your favorite NBA player. This is why the best artists in the industry charge so much money for their work. Clearly, this dude did not spend that much on his Herro tattoo.

Herro’s snarl face was undeniably one of the most memorable moments for the Heat in the Finals. It came in their first of two wins of the series in Game 3, as Herro scored an impressive And1 bucket in the dying moments of the contest to seal the win for his team. The rookie was clearly feeling himself at that moment. It was not exactly received well by Lakers fans — and understandably so — but there’s no denying that it was a big-time play from the rookie.

Be that as it may, to have Herro’s snarl tattooed permanently on one’s body is already a questionable move at best. The fact that it did not turn out too well just makes matters much worse for this unlucky Heat fan.