Tera Raid Battles are a new kind of activity that players can do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Right off the gate, players can challenge a Tera Raid Battle in an attempt to catch a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. After getting the chance to capture Tera Type Eevees, we’re now getting the opportunity to capture Tera Type Charizards!

Now, this is a big thing because players can’t usually capture a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so this is going to be one of the rare instances when you can do so. Charizard, after all, doesn’t roam the wilderness in the Paldea Region, so you either get the Pokemon from a trade, through your old games, or through this Tera Raid Battle.

In a Tera Raid Battle, four players will try to defeat a powerful Tera Pokemon before time runs out, similar to the Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield. After beating the Pokemon, players will have a chance to catch the Pokemon they’ve just beaten. These challenges can be taken on by interacting with the mysterious crystals scattered about the Paldea region. Interacting with the black ones will allow players to challenge an Unrivaled Charizard in Tera Raid Battles. This Charizard with the Mightiest Mark will appear at Black Tera Raid crystals shortly after the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Charizard Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles Event Dates

Phase 1: December 1, 4:00 PM to December 4, 3:59 PM PST – Completed

The first phase of the Charizard Black Crystal Tera Raid Battles was earlier this month, so if you missed that, make sure you don’t this time!

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Phase 2: December 15, 4:00 PM to December 18, 3:59 PM PST – ONGOING

Charizard in the Black Crystal Tera Raid Battle will have Dragon as its Tera Type, making it a very formidable foe to encounter. Players can make use of its power by turning it into an ally, catching it after successfully subduing it in the Tera Raid Battle. This special Charizard can only be caught once per save data, but players can continue participating in black crystal Tera Raid Battles to earn additional rewards.

Do note that a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to participate in Tera Raid Battles with other trainers online.