Israel Adesanya has been the UFC middleweight champion since 2019 and he's been lugging around the championship belt ever since. As it turns out, the middleweight champion is actually not that fond of the belt itself.

The UFC middleweight champion recently spoke with Combat TV and spoke about the championship belt. Israel Adesanya doesn't even know where the belt is at this point.

“The belt is quite heavy. I actually don’t know where it is right now. I’m not attached to that thing at all. I know who the fuck I am, I’ve been a champ before the belt. It’s heavy. It doesn’t need to be that heavy but I think they made it heavy for the emphasis. So you know you’re holding something like, ‘Woah, this is something of subtance.’ It’s a cool belt. I like it.”

Not stopping there, Israel Adesanya also doubled down on his extra title defense that he includes from when he won the interim title from Kelvin Gastelum. The UFC champion got animated as he made his thoughts on the matter clear.

“It’s the same belt. That’s why I said to people that I’m a five-time defending champion. Fuck what they said about four. This is just common sense… When the champ who couldn’t show up to work many times (Whittaker), who just pulled out recently as well, funny that, I’m the champ in the meantime. I beat him. That counts as a ruby on my belt. So my belt has five rubies. I don’t give a fuck what the media says or what the commission says, I’m a five-time defending champion because I know who the fuck I am.”