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Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew goes to Instagram to sell his mustache

Gardner Minshew, Jaguars

Gardner Minshew has something for sale. It’s not a signed Jacksonville Jaguars jersey, nor is it a pair of tickets or an opportunity to meet him. It’s his mustache.

Yes, his mustache.

More specifically, Minshew is putting up his “first” mustache for sale, which he grew when he played for East Carolina. He put it up for sale on Instagram, with the starting price of $1 million.

Minshew says all proceeds will go to the Human fund. Here is the description he put up on Instagram for the mustache:

“FOR SALE: First Minshew Mustache. While going through some old belongings, I stumbled upon an artifact long forgotten. What I found was the first mustache I ever grew (in mint condition, no less). It’s dated 9/3/2017-10/10/2017. You can get your hands on this piece of history for the low, low price of $1 Million. All proceeds will go to the Human fund. Serious inquiries only.”

A mustache is certainly an interesting piece of memorabilia. Perhaps the ultimate Jaguars or Washington State fan will pick it up, because why not?

Well, I’ll tell you why not. $1 million is certainly a steep price to pay for another man’s mustache, even if they are the starting quarterback of an NFL team. Oh well, maybe somebody has the bored money to make it happen.

A sixth-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Minshew got his chance to start early in the season after Jaguars’ starter Nick Foles broke his collarbone. He went 6-6 as a starter and threw for 21 touchdowns to just six interceptions.