Aaron Rodgers is proud of Zach Wilson. That's what he told the “The Pat McAfee Show” in regard to Wilson's Week 4 performance against the Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers was at MetLife Stadium for the disappointing 23-20 loss against the Chiefs, attending his first Jets' game since tearing his Achilles in the season opener.

“Zach’s a young kid. He’s learning, he’s growing, he’s on his path and his journey, and I’m very proud of the leadership that he showed. I’m proud of the way he played,” Rodgers said. “I don’t need to pull him aside and tell him anything special. There wasn’t some pep talk that I gave him that made him play better. I felt like the plan was a good plan, he got into a rhythm there in the second quarter and made a bunch of really great throws.”

The Jets suffered a disappointing defeat, but it was Wilson's best game of the 2023 season, by far. Wilson completed 28 of 39 pass attempts for 245 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. He arguably outplayed Patrick Mahomes, who had two interceptions and a third pick that was negated by a Jets penalty.

Prior to Week 4, Wilson had been so bad as Rodgers' replacement that it appeared his time as the Jets' starting quarterback would soon be coming to an end. If Wilson can continue to play well—a big if—New York might have a chance to compete for a playoff spot. The Jets visit the Denver Broncos in a battle of 1-3 teams Sunday.

Rodgers has said that he hopes to play again in the 2023 season.