Aaron Rodgers is pissed about the most recent Zach Wilson rumors, as the New York Jets' latest soap opera plot twist unfolds this week.

Rodgers reacted harshly to a report in The Athletic stating that unnamed sources said Wilson is “hesitant” about returning to his role as starting quarterback after being benched two weeks ago by the Jets.

“When you use sources and, whether intentional or unintentional, try to assassinate someone’s character like that report does for Zach, I have a real hard time with that,” Rodgers said Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show. “You’re basically saying that this kid is quitting on the team and doesn’t want to play and is giving the middle finger to the organization.”

The future Hall of Famer flashed his anger at the Jets organization, as well as the report itself, stating, “I think it’s chickens**t at its core, and I think it has no place in a winning organization.”

The Jets, though, don’t do much winning. In the middle of a five-game losing streak, the Jets (4-8) are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season.

Rodgers lasted four plays into the season before he ruptured his Achilles. Wilson took over as QB1 and, propped up by an elite defense, had the Jets sitting at 4-3. But Wilson and the Jets bottomed out, and the No. 2 pick in the 2021 draft was benched in favor of Tim Boyle, who in turn was benched in favor of Trevor Siemian during last week’s miserable 13-8 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Reportedly, coach Robert Saleh turned back to Wilson to start Sunday against the Houston Texans. But The Athletic contends Wilson pushed back on that idea, after having being benched three times the past two seasons.

Saleh refuted the report Monday, but he didn’t commit to a quarterback for Sunday. Boyle was released Tuesday and Brett Rypien was signed to replace him.

Aaron Rodgers not happy with ‘leaks' from Jets organization

And in the midst of this, Rodgers lashed out during his ESPN interview.

“What is your impetus, what is your motivation to try and bury someone like that?” Rodgers said of the report. “And that’s a problem with the organization. You know, we need to get to the bottom of whatever this is coming from and put a stop to it privately, because there’s no place in a winning culture where — and this is not the only time — there’s been a bunch of other leaks.”

Rodgers also denied a report by The Athletic that he reached out to Wilson on Monday and advised him to reconsider his position about starting this week.

He said the report “was not factually correct as far as my involvement.”

Just another great day in another lost season for the New York Jets.