The New York Jets' losing streak against the New England Patriots persisted until their NFL Week 3 battle this year. Fans were livid because of the Jets' unimpressive display on the offensive side of the ball. A lot of the blame had to go to Zach Wilson who despite being the secondary quarterback behind an injured Aaron Rodgers, still has the trust of Coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets and Patriots matchup during NFL Week 3 may have looked close on the scoreboard but the game was lopsided on all ends. Fans blasted Zach Wilson on social media for the inefficient offense. Coach Robert Saleh outlined, without any hesitation, that he is sticking with his quarterback to the end. What is the new plan for them to thrive next week against Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs? The Jets coach revealed it, via Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic.

“It would help if we can help around him,” Saleh declared.

Wilson had 18 completions throughout the whole game. He also netted 157 total yards but, the unfortunate the cherry on top, he could not notch a single touchdown for his team. This had a huge disparity compared to the Patriots offense. The opponents had 201 passing yards and 5.2 yards per play. New York only had 2.8 yards on average which did not help in advancing the offense a lot.

Wilson is still young but his experience from the previous seasons is going to kick in at some point now. It will just be a matter of it will come early such that they could make a playoff push.