The New York Jets may be in a bit of a crisis, particularly on the offensive end of the field, but that doesn't seem to have sapped the confidence of their defensive personnel for at least a bit. This is evident in cornerback Sauce Gardner's proclamations in the lead-up to the Jets' Week 4 clash against the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, even though a matchup against tight end Travis Kelce will have any defender's hands full.

Speaking to Zach Braziller of the New York Post, Gardner expressed his anticipation of what should be a matchup that tests his limits come Sunday against the Chiefs.

“I always want to go against the best, no matter what position it is. The best teams, the best receivers, the best tight ends. No matter who it is,” the Jets cornerback said.

That is the mindset of an elite player or at least someone who could work his way into superstar status someday. And Sauce Gardner is already one of the most exciting players at his position. He reads the routes of wideouts with a snap of a finger, and then he uses his overwhelming athleticism to crowd his matchup or his zone, depending on the coverage, making it an unwise decision to throw anything short of a bullet within his vicinity.

Now, Travis Kelce is a different beast as well, standing out as a stellar passing option for Patrick Mahomes due to his strength and assured hands. The Chiefs tight end will be a tough matchup for anyone, even for the Jets' star cornerback, especially if he shows out once again given his new relationship status with pop icon Taylor Swift, who will, once more, be in attendance to cheer her new partner on.

Sauce Gardner, thus far this season, has tallied seven tackles, five assists, and one forced fumble. But for the Jets to stop a humming Chiefs offense coming off a 41-10 decimation of the Chicago Bears, Gardner may have to pull a rabbit out of his hat to prop up a Jets team that hasn't quite gotten off the races yet in the aftermath of Aaron Rodgers' injury.