Jey Uso has long been the alpha dog of The Usos tag team.

Sure, there have been stories where Jimmy took center stage, like his angle with Mandy Rose and Naomi that aged particularly poorly considering why WWE decided to fire the leader of Toxic Attraction but ever since The Bloodline came into being, Jey has been afforded center stage as the group’s story mover, with his relationships between Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn serving as focal points of the both RAW and SmackDown.

At Hell in a Cell 2020, Reigns and Uso went head to head in an I Quit match inside the steel cage for the top spot in the faction, a match that only came to an end when Roman locked Jimmy in a sleeper and refused to let go until his cousin submitted. This led Jey to declare that he “hates Reigns” on the following SmackDown, to which Reigns admitted that he would too but that Uso must now fall in line, as every other member of their family backed him as the rightful leader of the group.

Then came the addition of Zayn, who Uso had a very tough time trusting as a member of the family. While at the time, it felt like Uso was just being unnecessarily argumentative, in hindsight, it now feels like Jey was simply lashing out on yet another change to a group he was reluctantly forced to stick around with – trapped as a double champion who was also Reigns’ “indentured servant,” to borrow a phrase from Paul Heyman.

So naturally, when Reigns pulled out similar brutality on Kevin Owens at the end of the Royal Rumble and tried to force Zayn to deliver an unprotected chair shot to KO while he was passed out handcuffed to the ring, it’s unsurprising that Jey didn’t jump “The Honorary Uce” when he turned the steel on the “Tribal Cheif,” but instead opted to walk out of the ring and leave his family confused.

What gives? Did Uso leave The Bloodline for good? Are The Usos done? Or could this simply serve as a chance to add yet another layer to The Bloodline’s story? Well, based on Jey’s social media posts on the topic, it sure appears he’s got something on his mind moving forward.

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Jey Uso wants another shot at The Tribal Chief.

Alright, so the first picture, with a captain reading “I’m out” followed by a red blood emoji, can be read one of two ways, either 1. Uso is out for blood, implying that he wants to get revenge on Rigns for once again taking things too personally, or 2. he’s out of the blood(line), which is pretty self-explanatory. While neither of those options is particularly good news for Reigns and company, as Uso can certainly get it done in the ring and do some damage if he wants to, there certainly is a difference between the two.

Fortunately, the second post from Uso’s Instagram story clarifies things a bit more, suggesting that he’d like to “run it back” with a picture of himself leaving the ring at the Royal Rumble split with Reigns watching him leave. After a brutal display of power that turned one long-term tag team partner against another for Reigns’ amusement, Jey appears done with The Blooline once and for all and even if he has to wrestle against Jimmy to get to the “Head of the Table,” in a singles match that has never actually happened before in WWE according to Cagmatch, so be it; with three members left in The Bloodline in Sikoa, Jimmy, Reigns, and three defectors in Jey, Owens, and KO – who certainly wants a bite at Reigns – ready to rumble, WWE may have just set up an incredibly interesting program for the sextet in one way or another for the next “Premium Live Event,” Elimination Chamber.

Can Jey actually best Reigns? Could he take one or both of his belts before WrestleMania rolls around and shake up Cody Rhodes’ big moment at the “Show of Shows” with a Survivor Series victory? Only time will tell, but just when it seemed like The Bloodline’s story couldn’t get any more interesting, Paul “Triple H” Levesque messed around and not only booked a turn for Sami Zayn that featured a earily similar image to when Seth Rollins turned on Reigns in The Shield but also eluded to the I Quit match from Hell in a Cell 2020 in more ways than one. All things considered, it’s hard to look at the main event of the Royal Rumble as anything other than a resounding success, as the anticipation to see what WWE has planned next has never been higher.