Kenneth Branagh's Hercule Poirot portrayal is reigniting interest in Agatha Christie's timeless mystery novels. This is despite her passing nearly half a century ago. In fact, in his latest supernatural thriller, “A Haunting in Venice,” Branagh gets heartwarming approval from Christie's descendant.

Christie's great-grandson and CEO of the Christie estate James Prichard shared enthusiasm for Kenneth Branagh's more Hercule Poirot adaptations.

“If this movie succeeds and Ken wants to make more, and 20th Century wants to make more, I'd be surprised if we didn't,” Prichard stated. “There are plenty more stories. My great-grandmother wrote 33 full-length Poirot novels. There's ample material to choose from.”

Christie's extensive catalog includes numerous mysteries and whodunits, with 33 stories featuring the detective Hercule Poirot. Branagh portrayed some of them in recent films.

James Prichard also expressed his admiration for Hollywood's ability to bring these tales to life and endorsed Kenneth Branagh to continue the Hercule Poirot series with the remaining 30 literary works. Provided the box office results are favorable.

“We take it one movie at a time. Hopefully, this one succeeds, and then someone wants to make another. And if that's a success, maybe we'll make another after that.”

Prichard also emphasized the universal appeal of Christie's literary legacy. This resurgence in the whodunit genre is evident from recent successes. Rian Johnson's “Knives Out,” “Glass Onion,” and the popular mobile game “Among Us,” all contributed to Christie's continued influence on the murder mystery genre.

A Haunting in Venice is currently screening in theaters, continuing Kenneth Branagh's journey with Poirot.