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Klay Thompson’s 14 3-pointer story that inspired Jordan Poole

Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO — Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole has struggled with shooting the last few games. People thought he lost his confidence after coming off a tremendous preseason, when he regularly scored 20-plus points in under 30 minutes of play. Shooting slumps happen to the best of them, and Klay Thompson told Poole a story about one of his.

“I think Klay told me last game before he hit 14 threes in Chicago, he was shooting 15% or something like that. And Klay is arguably one of the best shooters of all time. So you hear something like that from him, and Steph gives you input. You obviously have to take that into consideration,” Poole told ClutchPoints.

Thompson, remember, broke Curry’s record for made threes in a single game on October 29th, 2018, dropping 14 triples in a win over the Chicago Bulls.

Poole said he never lost any confidence, and he liked the looks he was getting. Sometimes the ball just won’t go in the basket, and Thompson’s story is proof of that. No matter what you do or how you shoot, it doesn’t guarantee the result you want every time. If a shooting specialist like Thompson can have a few lousy shooting games, so can Poole.

Poole’s hot shooting on Wednesday night against the Charlotte Hornets came at the perfect time, in a game Stephen Curry was feeling under the weather and only scored 15 points. Poole’s superb shooting helped the Warriors secure their sixth victory of the season. He had 31 points on 11-of-21 shooting from the field with 7 made three-pointers.

Next, the Warriors will face the New Orleans Pelicans for the first time this season. A confident Jordan Poole and his teammates will do everything they can to get their seventh victory of the year.