Kobe Bryant asks Ken Griffey Jr. for Golfing lessons
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Kobe Bryant asks Ken Griffey Jr. for Golfing lessons

It’s not everyday that Lakers legend Kobe Bryant asks anyone for help.

That didn’t stop him this time post retirement, when he had the opportunity to congratulate Seattle Mariners legend Ken Griffey Jr, because he is being inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Bryant recorded a video to send his regards, and said it was from one player who wore the number 24 to another

Both players being big retired superstars obviously relates them on the same level, so Bryant who has learned a move or two from other NBA legends, couldn’t help but to ask Griffey if he could help him with his golf swing.

Knowing Bryant is interested in playing golf is another pretty neat secret revealed about him after his retirement.

Watch the video below to see Bryant’s pitch.

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