Kourtney Kardashian-Barker confronted Tristan Thompson head-on in a recent episode of ‘The Kardashians,' delving into his past infidelity. Unlike her sisters, Kourtney didn't mince words, questioning Tristan about whether he identifies as a sociopath.

“I see these TikTok videos and there’s these people and they’re like, ‘I am a sociopath narcissist. I have no empathy, no feelings.’ Do you think there’s any part of you that relates to that?”

During the candid exchange, Thompson acknowledged Kourtney's feelings. Then expressed support for Khloé Kardashian's happiness despite their breakup in June 2021. “I think for me, you know, I want Khloé to be happy and whatever that may be, I’m fully supportive of that.”

However, Kourtney emphasized the challenge of reconciling Thompson‘s history within the family, particularly with her.

The mother of four, who recently welcomed a child with husband Travis Barker, pointed out the family's tendency to prioritize harmony over setting boundaries or taking sides. She highlighted the importance of supporting individuals in asserting themselves.

“In this family, you guys are so lucky — all the guys — because for whatever reason, it’s held a higher priority of, ‘Let’s keep everyone happy and getting along, and let’s make sure Tristan is at Christmas Eve and everyone’s there, and it’s one big happy family and let’s make sure everything’s fun and happy,'

In response to Kourtney, Tristan admitted to his past mistakes. Emphasizing personal growth for the sake of his children. Despite challenges, he expressed a commitment to positive change.

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