Kourtney Kardashian is shedding light on the infamous “Not Kourtney” secret group chat, unraveling the core details for her followers. In response to an Instagram comment inquiring about the members of the chat, Kourtney confirmed that it included her sisters, putting an end to the speculation, USMagazine reports.

The drama surrounding the “Not Kourtney” chat unfolded during the premiere of season 4, where Kim Kardashian revealed its existence. Kim shared that Kourtney's friends often complained about her behavior to the sisters, leading them to establish the group chat to discuss the issues collectively.

Therapist Amelia Kelley, who specializes in gaslighting and trauma, found the situation unsettling, likening it to high-school gossip. She expressed her concern over the mean-spirited undertones of the chat and its potential to harm relationships.

Kourtney, however, swiftly defended her friends, stating that they are “ride or dies” in a subsequent Instagram comment, denying any backstabbing tendencies.

The conversation between the Kardashian sisters escalated during a phone call featured in the premiere episode. It transitioned from discussions about the season three edit and Kourtney's wedding to a heated exchange, with Kourtney calling Kim a narcissist and Kim expressing concerns about Kourtney's happiness. Kim also claimed that Kourtney's friends and even her children have complained about her behavior.

As reality TV stars, business partners, and sisters, the Kardashian sisters' relationship will have ups and downs. Therapist Amelia Kelley believes that the complex dynamics between them are inevitable given their multifaceted roles in each other's lives.

The revelation of the “Not Kourtney” chat has sparked intrigue and conversations among fans, adding yet another layer of drama to the Kardashian family's ongoing saga.