Shannon Sharpe and Kwame Brown, two of our premier sports shouters, are at loggerheads. After Brown blasted LeBron James as a “stat sheet junkie ” for getting swept by the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, Sharpe passionately came to James' defense, calling Brown a “joke” and saying that the former #1 pick deserves to be on “the Mount Rushmore of busts.” And today, in the latest escalation, Brown posted yet another of his now-signature car rants, blasting the NFL Hall of Famer Sharpe for talking about basketball.

“You a guest in the house of this basketball talk,” Brown said. “Didn't you know that? And now since you don't want to act like a guest in this shit, And you want to invalidate me, you football playing dummy. N****, ain't no first downs in basketball. Clown. How you gonna try to invalidate a man who is the number one draft pick.”

Throughout his two-minute screed, Kwame Brown references Shannon Sharpe's “thick tongue” on four separate occasions and curiously asserts “ain't no first downs in basketball” four times as well.

“You a guest in this house of basketball, n****. Ain't no first downs in motherfucking basketball. You big, tall, thick tongue punk motherfucker. You a thick tongue idiot. Did you not know that? Ain't no first downs in basketball, boy. So I don't know what make you think that your opinion on basketball is more than mine?”

To wit, Brown flames Sharpe for his embarrassing dust up with the Memphis Grizzlies in January.

“You a fan boy for LeBron. You emo. You called me emotional and you was finna fight a whole goddamn Memphis Grizzlies team because of with lover affair with LeBron, you the reason why Ja Marant probably carrying guns right now. Ja Morant was like ‘oh shit' because a big ass n**** in a sweater, a grandma sweater trying to fight his daddy and the whole damn team.”

If retired athletes performative yelling at each other is your thing, this is the jeremiad for you. Presumably, Sharpe will respond tomorrow morning on First Things First with some thoughts of his own.