Well-known Valorant Twitch streamer Kyedae, who announced her cancer diagnosis last month, shared a health update with her fans, mentioning that she was now bald.

In a tweet on her Twitter account, Kyedae updated her fans that her “BULD BUFF” was now activated. Although this might not seem like much of an update, it’s still a big one. One of her fans even mentioned that they read it as “bald buff” instead. Kyedae would reply to this tweet, saying that she was, in fact, “actually bald”.

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, which Kyedae will be undergoing soon. During a stream back in March, Kyedae mentioned that she was already contemplating shaving her hair off in anticipation of the hair loss. Kyedae asked her chat if it was better to shave her hair “before losing it so that I don’t get sad” She said that “hair loss begins two to four weeks from now”, and was anticipating losing “40% of her hair”.

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True enough, a month after mentioning it on stream, Kyedae went through with going bald.

Originally from Sakura Shymko’s Instagram account, fans have started sharing a picture of Kyedae and her friend, Daphne (@39daph) both bald and sporting knitted frog headwear. Kyedae had already previously mentioned that Daphne was going to go bald once she started losing her hair from the chemotherapy. As this picture shows, Daphne kept true to her word.

Fans have been showering the streamer with support throughout her fight against cancer. Numerous cancer survivors have been going to her chat to show their support, as well as giving her tips on how to keep her morale up. We can only pray and hope that Kyedae will be able to win against her condition. Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia can take six to twelve months to complete. The fight will be long, but hopefully, Kyedae will emerge victorious.

That’s all the information we have about Kyedae’s health update about her cancer to her fans. As more information about her fight against cancer comes out, we will be sure to update you. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.