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Lakers interested in point guard Mike Conley

In an interesting turn of events, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the that Los Angeles Lakers now have turned their free agent search towards top free agent point guard, Mike Conley, as a potential target during this offseason.

While the Lakers have the point guard position presumably filled with young superstar D’Angelo Russell and growing star Jordan Clarkson, the Grizzlies defensive standout would definitely elevate the Lakers’ roster, especially filling the important modern role of the wing defender.

With free agency beginning in a matter of hours, rumors out of Los Angeles have shown that the Lakers now are interested in the 6’1″ point guard to provide a steady hand and reliable veteran presence on the roster. While both Russell and Clarkson are designated point guards, both have shown their capabilities off the ball, and a Conley-Russell or Conley-Clarkson pairing could prove fruitful.

Conley, however, is a 9-year veteran who’s spent his entire career in Memphis, and in order to leave his home of nine years, many believe that he would most likely go to a championship ready team instead of a rebuilding situation, such as the LA. The Lakers, on the other hand, will definitely hope to convince Conley of the young talent in Los Angeles while paying him a max contract.

For much of his career, Conley has been viewed as an underrated point guard who continually remained reliable for the Grizzlies during his tenure. Now, as the premier point guard in the free agency, Conley will most likely receive a max contract, regardless of where he ends up.

While verbal agreements can be reached starting July 1st, no deal can be signed until July 7th.

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