Lakers news: Alex Caruso responds to rumors of LeBron James living presidential in NBA bubble
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Lakers’ Alex Caruso responds to rumors of LeBron James living presidential in NBA bubble

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Some believe Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is really living like a king in the Orlando bubble.

The King has been silent about his accommodations on social media, but the rumor has been a centerpiece of fan memes about the bubble.

On Complex Sports’ Load Management podcast, Lakers guard and social media superstar Alex Caruso denied these rumors of special treatment:

“I mean, he’s right down the hallway. He’s like… he’s on the other side of the elevators. There’s like half our team over here, half our team’s over there. I don’t think… if he is, it’s not that much different.”

And to the talk going around about a presidential suite? The Lakers guard had an answer for that:

“I don’t think we have any presidential suite. I walked down the hallway and there’s no sign on the door that says presidential suite, so if he is, they’re doing a good job of covering it.”

“>In all seriousness, even if the four-time MVP and 15-time All Star was awarded a presidential suite, Caruso wouldn’t personally mind:

“I mean, I would like to have it myself because why not? But I’m not gonna complain so they take it away from him. I don’t know, that seems kinda childish. At the end of the day, we’re all living in a hotel. If you got a little more space than somebody, congrats.”

Much of this hubbub started when Rockets guard Austin Rivers posted a video on his Instagram with a joke about the Lakers superstar’s accommodations:

Yahoo Sports’ NBA Insider Chris Haynes has already put these rumors to rest, but unless The King himself posts about his hotel room, it’s unlikely we’ll hear the end of these memes.

The Lakers have bigger things to worry about, of course, as they embark on their run for a championship. Los Angeles is 49-14 heading into Thursday’s restart.