Lakers news: ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski thinks Los Angeles has enough to get Anthony Davis trade done
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ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski thinks Lakers have enough to get Anthony Davis trade done

Adrian Wojnarowski, Lakers, Anthony Davis, Pelicans

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski expressed faith in the Los Angeles Lakers’ capacity to get a deal done with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis.

Talks have been ramping up within the last few days, as the Lakers compete with hallway rivals L.A. Clippers, the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, and very possibly the Boston Celtics, who have been relentlessly pursuing Davis, despite questions surrounding Kyrie Irving’s free agency plans.

“I do believe this. I think the Lakers have enough to get a deal done for Anthony Davis, but it’s going to be a question of how much are they willing to give up,” said Wojnarowski, who earlier mentioned the Lakers started offering as “little as possible” when engaging in conversations with the Pelicans. “Will they add a Kyle Kuzma to a bigger package? Will they include future first-round picks beyond the fourth pick in next Thursday’s NBA Draft?

“When these two teams engaged prior to the trade deadline, there was a different general manager in New Orleans. New Orleans was never going to do that trade, but they’re serious now about moving Anthony Davis, getting maximum value for him — and they would like, in a perfect world, to have that done before Thursday’s NBA Draft.”

The Lakers did the right thing by starting with a small package, unlike the offer of “everyone but LeBron James” earlier in the season.

Pelicans vice-president David Griffin seems married to the idea that any package coming from the Lakers must include Kyle Kuzma, and the Lakers might just have to bend at some point, but not without making him hard to get and driving up his price first.