The Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James has spent a great deal of time paying his respects to popular athletes in other sports, especially football. James is an avowed Ohio State Buckeyes fan but appreciates players from across a wide swath of the sports landscape.

James and the Lakers were set to take on the Suns in a crucial In-Season Tournament matchup Tuesday night. A statistical accomplishment from both James and the Suns' Kevin Durant was revealed.

On Tuesday, James prepared for the big tournament matchup by watching one of the greatest to ever do it in the National Football League, Barry Sanders, in his new documentary ‘Bye Bye Barry.'

“I'm gonna start watching it too Bron so we can be twinning,” one fan said.

“You are the greatest to ever do it,” one fan added under the status message of the Lakers star known as ‘The King.'

“That was a good documentary,” another fan added. “He move with such grace running the ball the way he stops then turns on the juice, it was beautiful ,there will never be another one like him. Just like you L.B. There is only one of you.”

The documentary chronicles Sanders' ascent from unknown running back to Oklahoma State Cowboy to Heisman winner. Sanders is then drafted to the NFL where he goes on to become a league leader and household name, almost leading a hapless Lions franchise to its first Super Bowl.

“Without a doubt he’s the greatest RB ever, no one ran the ball the way he did,” another fan added.

The Lakers were scheduled to take on the Suns at 10 pm ET Tuesday in Phoenix.