Lakers news: LeBron James admits to committing a 'dumb mistake' vs. Mavs
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LeBron James admits to committing a ‘dumb mistake’ vs. Mavs

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LeBron James admitted to making a crucial and dumb mistake, leaving Mavs talent Harrison Barnes wide open on his favorite corner — an error that could have costed the Los Angeles Lakers the game in different circumstances.

James tried to prevent a drive from rookie Luka Doncic, despite Brandon Ingram keeping up quite well with his foot speed, Doncic swiftly pivoted and fired a bounce pass to the corner, setting up a Barnes wide-open three with James already out of the picture.

The shot brought the score to 112-111 in favor of the Lakers, and while it didn’t stop them from grabbing the W, it’s these type of possessions that the Lakers are trying to avoid down the road.

“We’re in a ‘wins’ league and I liked the way we played. I don’t like the way we closed out the game, but for the majority of the game, we played well besides that second quarter and that fourth quarter late in the game.” said LeBron James, admitting he made a “dumb mistake” leaving Barnes wide open in the corner, according to ClutchPoints’ Ryan Ward. “There’s a lot of things to [take away] from it. There’s a lot of things to learn from it.”

The Lakers will have to clean up some of these final possessions if they hope to be a playoff team, as many other teams will smell blood and take advantage of porous defense to make a comeback. Luckily this LeBron James gaffe didn’t cost them the game in this instance.