Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is the definition of a winner. To play at such a high level for all of these years takes a special mindset and it appears Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has that same mindset as The King.

Speaking Thursday to reporters, Hurts responded to criticism that opposing defenses might be figuring out Philly's gameplan. Here's the quote:

“When did winning not become the main thing?” Hurts told reporters.

“What I am telling you is it’s not about me; it’s about us. There are multiple ways to win,” Hurts added.

“Keep the main thing where winning is the only thing that truly matters,” he said.

Hurts went on to explain how the Eagles aren't “fulfilled” yet despite being 2-0 because not everything is clicking. And even though he isn't playing at an MVP level yet, wins are all that matters in the end. LeBron James reacted to the interview and shed light on how “few truly understand” what Hurts means:

That's special. Wins are wins and it doesn't matter if they're pretty. Hurts doesn't care about individual accolades. It's just about getting the job done. It was no different for LeBron in the playoffs last season. He wasn't averaging 30 PPG but the Lakers were flourishing as a group. Everyone around The King was doing their part.

Hurts has completed 71.4% of his passes through two contests for 363 yards. He's only thrown for two touchdowns against one interception while getting sacked seven times. Instead, the Eagles' run game has been the primary source of offense. But again, it doesn't matter that Hurts isn't starring. The results are there.

LeBron James could put up 20 PPG in 2023-24 but if the Lakers win a title because all the role players ball out and Anthony Davis steps up to the plate, he'll be happy.