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LeBron James has the best work ethic in the NBA, claims Lance Stephenson

LeBron James, lakers, Lance Stephenson

Among those he has played with, NBA free agent Lance Stephenson claims that LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has the best work ethic in the league.

Speaking on an IG Live session, Stephenson detailed his argument and highlighted how James is the ‘”first in everything.”

“I watched LeBron work out. Super professional. First one on the plane, first one at the meetings, first one at the workout, first one in the gym, he’s first in everything,” Lance Stephenson said of LeBron James, via The Score.

Prior to being on the same side with James, the two had some heated battles, particularly when James was with the Miami Heat while Stephenson was with the Indiana Pacers. Every LeBron fan knows the incident when Stephenson blew into the ear of the now Lakers star.

But when they became teammates, Stephenson had a new-found respect for The King. So much so that it affected his life on and off the court. When they were rivals, perhaps Stephenson thought that James was some overhyped athlete that he could stop at any given time.

“I understand why all of his teammates, everybody who has ever played with him respects him because he’s the first one at everything. I just picked that up from him. That made me look at the game more different,” Stephenson shared.

It’s unfortunate that Stephenson spent just one year donning the Lakers’ Purple and Gold. However, he had been making waves in the CBA with Liaoning Flying Leopards prior to the league’s suspension. He even guided them to a title in the 2019 East Asia Super League Terrific 12 and was named the Most valuable player of the tournament.

Can we allude Stephenson’s success to James?