LeBron James is not playing Saturday night in the Los Angeles Lakers' road game against the Golden State Warriors, but he did make at least one fan gush in disbelief.

That was when LeBron James made his way to the Lakers bench and sat down beside a young fan who was left stunned and speechless seeing an all-time great athlete casually taking a seat just inches away from her. Yeah, she's not going to forget that moment for the rest of her life. We know because that was practically what she told Lisa Salters during an interview.

“The greatest player of all-time in basketball is sitting next to me… This is like the best moment of my life,” the young fan said to Salters, while LeBron James was still just sitting beside her.

LeBron James must be hearing what was being said during the interview, but we did not see him acknowledge the young fan. Perhaps, the four-time league MVP has been so used to people talking about him that his mind can easily wander off to something else even when he's hearing his name get mentioned by someone sitting within an earshot. Nevertheless, just being that close to LeBron James was enough to fill a story the fan can tell to her family, friends, and at every party she'll go to.

The Lakers superstar is not playing for the second game in a row due to an ankle issue. The last time he saw action was in last Tuesday's record-breaking night versus the Oklahoma City Thunder when he established himself as the new king of scoring in the NBA.