Could LeBron James actually leave the Los Angeles Lakers this summer? The four-time NBA champ hasn't even officially confirmed his intention to return for another season, but already, he's being linked to a sensational trade move to the Dallas Mavericks. This is after reports emerged on Monday that former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kyrie Irving has been trying to recruit LeBron to the Mavs in what could potentially be an epic reunion for the 2016 champs.

“@kingjames think about yo legacy 🙄 u go to dallas wearing that (Green and blue) Looking like a Black ass PEACOCK will have u behind karl malone with that (glacier ice blue and violet) they were wearing…looking like a whole WNBA colorway 😂😂 You can only Be a great in (Gold, man purple,red,white,black) 😂😂😂💯,” Arenas wrote in his post.

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That's one way of looking at it, I guess. For Gilbert Arenas, it's all about how LeBron James will look in a Mavs jersey. Arenas even decided to throw some strays in the direction of Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone to make his point. Obviously, Arenas does not want James to move to Dallas, but he has a rather unusual reason behind his claim.

Whatever the case might be, you can be sure that the LeBron-Kyrie narrative will continue to dominate headlines throughout the offseason. These two have been linked to a reunion for quite some time now, and for all we know, the summer of 2023 could be when it actually happens.