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LeBron James played the fastest paced game of his career in LA debut


LeBron James made his much anticipated debut last night for the Los Angeles Lakers. James is open to a much faster playing style, a style that he did not play when he was in Cleveland the past four years.

During his first game with the Lakers, however, against the Portland Trail Blazers, it was the fastest paced game James has played in his entire career. Per NBA.com, the pace played against Portland was 113.5. The next fastest paced game James played in his career was versus the Phoenix Suns back in March, and the pace in that game was 113.1.

The next fastest paced game James played was back in January of 2017 versus the Brooklyn Nets. The pace of that game was 109.3.

The super teams James has played on throughout his career, whether it was the Miami Heat or the Cleveland Cavaliers, had players who could always play at a faster pace, but they never ran that offense. It was usually LeBron-iso, or trying find a three point shooter open.

For Lakers fans and coach Luke Walton, this is a promising sign that maybe James has embraced the fast paced game, and not the slow paced game that he has played throughout his entire career. It’ll be interesting to see how long James will embrace the fast paced offense. If this fast paced offense is working and the Lakers are winning games, James will most likely stick with it until they revert back to a slower paced offense.