LeBron James has yet to officially speak out on Bronny James' condition following the youngster's cardiac arrest during a workout with USC basketball. According to the latest reports, however, the Los Angeles Lakers star is really focused on getting the best medical attention and care for his son.

When Bronny's cardiac arrest was revealed on Tuesday, the James family released a statement asking for fans and supporters to respect their privacy as they deal with the concerning matter. However, they did promise to “update the media when there is more information.” In the same statement, LeBron and his wife Savannah confirmed that Bronny is in “stable condition” and “no longer in ICU.”

Unsurprisingly, though, a new report noted that LeBron is “scared and devastated” following the incident. And currently, he is “making sure” his son “gets the best care possible.” The Lakers star was also said to be in “full Dad mode and is protecting his son in any way he can,” per Daily Mail.

“He is scared and devastated with what has transpired with his son. The family is making sure he gets the best care possible as his well-being is the most important thing right now,” the Daily Mail source shared.

“LeBron has no other feelings besides making sure his son will be OK. LeBron's only focus is devoted to Bronny's recovery. It is going to be the only thing on his mind, he is in full dad mode and protecting his son in any way he can do that.”

Bronny James gets optimistic health update

While specific details about Bronny James' health have yet to be revealed, a new report claimed that the outlook on his condition can be described as “optimistic.” With that said, LeBron James and his wife are said to be “relieved” by the news.

It came after concerns about Bronny's basketball future were put into question as a result of the cardiac arrest. To recall, on Tuesday, several medical experts chimed in on the issue and noted that the incident could be career-ending for the USC basketball freshman.

Cedars Sinai cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz talked to Tarek Fattal of The Orange County Register and revealed that there could be a “congenital condition” behind the cardiac arrest, which could be dangerous for Bronny.

“It is a condition. There's different causes for it, but usually there is an underlying, often congenital condition – meaning the people, the athletes are born with it, and that, especially during heavy physical activity, can lead to an arrhythmia which equals cardiac arrest, and the vast majority die of that,” von Schwarz said.

“Those who survive have to do certain measures to prevent it from happening again. If it's a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, those people often need medication. They often need defibrillators implanted because it's a lifelong condition, inherited, which cannot be cured. It can be dealt with, but the person has to deal with it lifelong and oftentimes that can mean it's over with competitive sports,” Dr. von Schwarz added.

A New York-based sports cardiologist interviewed by the Daily Mail had similar sentiments. Dr. Christopher Tanayan said that “if they find something that puts him at a high risk for sudden death then that … may make or break his career.”

Dr. Tanayan furthered, “Whether or not Bronny's career can continue will depend on his family, the league and ultimately his own appetite for risk.”

LeBron James keeping things private

LeBron James and his family are naturally keeping all information about Bronny James' health private, though the aforementioned Daily Mail source revealed that he is keeping his close friends, agents and the Lakers updated about the whole situation.

“LeBron is keeping things as close to himself and his family as possible but is also keeping others like his agents and main people in the Lakers organization privy to what is going on,” the source said.

Sure enough, a lot of people are waiting for the official information from the James family with regards to Bronny's condition. Hopefully, though, LeBron and Savannah will be able to provide some positive news.

After Bronny's hospitalization, plenty of fans and LeBron's NBA peers shared their support and prayers for the family amid the scary moment. NBA personalities such as Jayson Tatum, Trae Young and Magic Johnson, as well as athletes from other sports like Buffalo Bills safety Damar  Hamlin–who himself suffered from cardiac arrest while  playing last season–showed love for the family.

Bronny's younger brother, Bryce James, also took to Instagram recently to cheer for his brother who is trying hard to recover from the health setback.