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Lakers’ LeBron James vindicated by Last Two Minute Report on Draymond Green gaffe

LeBron James, Draymond Green, Lakers, Warriors

One of the key baskets that capped the Golden State Warriorsstunning fourth-quarter comeback over the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James on Monday night came on a clutch layup from Draymond Green.

With under two minutes remaining, Green set a high screen for Stephen Curry and dashed to the rim. He received a nifty pocket bounce pass from his point guard while LeBron James watched. Green awkwardly hesitated to slow his momentum, then laid the ball in with his left hand.

The bucket put Golden State — who had trailed by 14 points in the final period — up by six, and the Warriors never looked back against LeBron James.

The problem was, Green’s bucket never should have counted:

On Tuesday, the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report (L2M) confirmed what everybody watching the nationally televised game could see: Green should have been called for steps, as LeBron James knows.

“Green slides his pivot foot after gathering his dribble,” states the report.

LeBron James took umbrage with the no-call, which came one possession after the Lakers superstar was called for traveling with 1:51 left. Bron was also whistled for traveling with 3:44 remaining.

In his postgame remarks, a frustrated LeBron James cited the officiating.

“We had some tough breaks, some tough calls against us in the second half that kind of slowed our pace down,” LeBron said. “We couldn’t get back into a rhythm.”

LeBron James also expressed confusion:

“I seen them on replays and it’s a move I’ve been making pretty much my whole career, and if that’s the call that’s going to be called travel, then I would like to see it across the whole board, every game and consistent like that,” LeBron said.

“I mean, it’s so funny because the very next play, Draymond gets into the lane and slides his foot and it’s not called, and the same official called me for the travel is right there on the play and told me he didn’t travel. So that’s definitely something that you gotta be more leery about, but I have not been called for travels like that in my career.”

The Lakers built a 19-point lead in the first quarter, but allowed the Warriors to steal a 113-11 victory.

LeBron James missed an open three-pointer at the buzzer, snapping L.A.’s five-game winning streak.